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Hardwood Shutters

Plantation Style Hardwood Shutters

Handcrafted from beautiful natural wood like basswood or poplar, hardwood shutters add elegance and character to any room. Their rich wood grain and smooth texture provide a timeless, luxurious feel. The louvers tilt to control light and privacy, giving you versatility. Hardwoods like poplar and basswood are dense and durable, built to last.

With over 30 years of experience, Sun Devil Shutters’ experts can provide custom hardwood shutters designed specifically for your windows. We use quality craftsmanship like dovetail joinery to ensure strength. Our multi-step integra finishing gives the wood a protective luster that maintains its beauty.

The natural beauty of wood never goes out of style.  Hardwood shutters compliment any decor.

These shutters also dampen outside noise far better than alternatives like blinds or shades. Our professional installation ensures your shutters fit flawlessly within each window frame to deliver their full functionality and visual impact.

Benefits of Hardwood Shutters

Customized Just for You

Shape and Size

Sun Devil Shutters will create shutters tailored precisely to fit any window shape and size – whether traditional rectangle, circle, arched, or other unique shapes.

Louver Size

Choose the perfect louver size for your needs and preferences – 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″ or more. The louvers tilt to control light and privacy.

Color and Finish

Select from a wide array of wood stains, paints, and unfinished options to match your home’s style. Or choose a natural unfinished set and stain or paint it yourself.


Consider upgrades like soft-close louvers, custom artwork or shapes cut into shutters, specialty hinges, and more.

Natural, Golden Oak and Burnished Walnut Hardwood Shutters Displays at Factory
Natural, Golden Oak and Burnished Walnut Hardwood Shutters Displays at Factory

Hardwood Shutters Gallery

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We carefully measure each window opening to design shutters specific to your space. We consider height, width, depth, shapes, obstructions and more. Our experts handle all measurements during your free consultation.

All our shutters come with a limited lifetime warranty covering defects in materials and craftsmanship. We stand behind our quality hardwood shutters.

Yes, hardwood shutters add an extra layer over windows to provide insulation. This helps reduce heat transfer and lower energy costs from heating/cooling. The shutters also block UV rays.

Use a soft cloth or duster to gently wipe down shutters as needed to remove dust buildup. For deeper cleaning, use a damp cloth with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh cleaners which may damage the finish.

Absolutely! We can create custom shutters for arched windows, unique angles, and any specialty shapes your windows require. Our in-house woodworking allows total customization.

With proper care, quality hardwood shutters can last decades without needing replacement. The durable construction and sturdy materials stand the test of time. We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Basswood, poplar, oak, and maple make excellent hardwood shutters. Basswood is affordable, stains well, and is easy to work with. Oak is gorgeous and durable. Poplar has nice graining. Maple takes stain uniformly.

Hardwood shutters can work in bathrooms provided they have proper moisture-resistant finishing and adequate ventilation. Our Integra finishing protects against moisture damage. Proper bathroom ventilation is also important.

Yes, we can provide hardwood shutters in various configurations like full height, café, tier on tier, bi-fold, bypass, and more. Each style has its own aesthetic benefits.

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