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Zebra Shades

Zebra Shades

Stylish Zebra Shades

Zebra shades create a striking, dimensional look using layers of opaque and transparent vanes to control light in unique ways. These shades feature horizontal vanes that stack on top of each other. When closed, the alternating materials form the classic zebra stripe pattern that gives these shades their name.

Zebra shades slide smoothly along tracks allowing you to shift the layered vanes from side to side. This adjusts how much exterior light filters into the room. You can position the vanes to allow some visibility outside or stack them tightly for increased privacy. The transparent vanes work to softly diffuse harsh sunlight.

The mix of opaque and see-through vanes on zebra shades provides excellent dim-out flexibility.

Zebra shades are available in a wide selection of standard sizes and can also be fully customized. We take exact measurements of your windows to manufacture shades specific to your spaces. Inside or outside mounts give you optimal placement flexibility. 

Benefits of Zebra Shades

Customized Just for You


Zebra shades are available in standard or custom sizes for perfect window coverage. We carefully measure and manufacture your shades to fit any opening.


Select from a range of sled vane colors and materials like acrylics, PVC, or polyesters to coordinate with your room.


Consider convenient upgrades like motorization, remote operation, light-blocking liners, and insulation.


Choose from inside mounts, outside mounts onto walls or molding, or ceiling mounts.

Zebra Shades Gallery

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Zebra shades slide side-to-side to shift the layered vanes and control light exposure. The transparent and opaque vanes can also be tilted.

We offer inside recessed mounts, outside wall/molding mounts, and ceiling mounts. The shades can draw vertically or horizontally.

Motorization, remote controls, wall switches, and voice controls are available to make operation smooth and convenient.

Absolutely. We can make zebra shades in any size, material, color, features, and configuration for a perfect fit.

Vacuum gently with a brush attachment. Wipe individual vanes carefully with a microfiber cloth. Spot clean stains with mild cleaner.

Zebra shades are competitively priced with other specialty shades. Contact us for a free quote. Costs vary by size, materials and customization.

We offer vanes in acrylics, polyesters, PVC materials, real woods, faux woods, aluminum, and more. Each has different benefits.

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