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Everyone living in Arizona has a complicated relationship with their windows. They are vital when trying to ventilate your home without causing energy bills to skyrocket, but direct light can also lead to overheating.

Selecting the right kind of shutters can have a critical impact on your bills and comfort levels. Here are four questions to ask yourself when choosing the right shutters for your Arizona home.

What kind of shutters do I want?

There are tons of styles out there, with plantation-style shutters being one of the most attractive, versatile, and longest lasting options out there. Plantation shutters are a great investment in your home, in terms of both appearance and comfort. The neat, timeless look of plantation shutters go just with about any architectural style and interior design. They’re easy to adjust, a breeze to clean, and are even energy efficient – perfect for letting in airflow even in the Arizona heat.

What shape and size are my windows?


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First, you should consider if you want them for every window in your home or just a few. Our process starts with a free in-home estimate that can help you determine what styles and shapes work for you. If you have lots of differently shaped windows, it’s absolutely possible to order a variety of sizes in the same style and material, for the sake of visual consistency in your home.

We also offer our services to commercial buildings, so local businesses and residences can both enjoy the benefits of plantation shutters. No matter the dimensions or shape of your window, we can manufacture them.

What color do I want? Painted or stained?


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There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to color, whether you want a stained wood look or vibrant solid paint. If you’re not sure what matches with the preexisting aesthetic and architectural style of your home.

What’s my budget?

There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to installation. To help ensure you can afford the shutters you want, we offer free in-home estimates and competitive pricing on our wide selection of plantation shutters. We’re also proud to offer veteran discounts!

All shutters require maintenance, but high-quality shutters are durable and can help lower your energy bill over time, as they can deflect sunlight and promote airflow to keep your home naturally cooler. Ultimately, they’re an investment in the future of your home.

Get Free Professional Installation

At Sun Devil Shutters, our specialty in plantation shutters in Phoenix has earned us a reputation as the most reliable and affordable shutter companies in the area, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. We offer free professional installation in addition to our free consultations and estimates, so give us a call!