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One of the most annoying things homeowners have to deal with is repairing damage caused by Mother Nature. Fires and hurricanes are not the only catastrophic natural disasters that can destroy a house beyond repair.   

Other types of damage like heat exposure aren’t as harmful. This type of damage will decrease the curb appeal of a home. However, sun damage protection can be prevented. We can repair your home without too much cost or difficulty.

Signs of Sun and Heat Damage

Sunlight and the brutal southwestern heat can easily damage hardwood shutters as well as wooden doors and decking. Exposure to the UV rays and heat that comes from direct sunlight affects wood in several ways.   

Dry heat can easily crack wooden window treatments and doors. If wood gets too dry, it begins to shrink. It will expand again when rain falls.  Once the wood dries out again it can start cupping, bowing or become warped.

Dry heat can cause the finish on the wood to look dull. It can also make the paint or finish crack. This is also due to natural shrinking and expansion. The only options, once damage occurs, is to replace or repair the damaged shutters.

hardwood shutters

How to Protect Wood from Becoming Damaged

Wooden shutters on Arizona homes can be protected from the sun with a little bit of planning. Here at Sun Devil Shutters, we only use high-quality UV treated wood for our custom-made shutters. We never use interior grade wood because it tends to fade quickly in the heat and sun. This is the first step to ensure you have long-lasting shutters that maintain their good looks.    

Another important measure to take is to limit the exposure to direct sunlight. This can be done by installing retractable awnings above all windows and doors. These will also help reduce energy consumption and will protect outdoor furniture from the elements.   

You can also block harmful rays by planting shade trees around the house. Evergreens are the best option but any fast-growing hearty tree will work. They don’t just protect the wood on the exterior of a home but they also have the added bonus of increasing the natural beauty of the yard.

Repairing Damaged Wood

The best way to repair damaged wood can be a bit time consuming but it is worth the effort.  Begin by sanding down the affected wood so that the previous coat of paint or stain is removed. If possible, sand the wood enough to make any cracks disappear.   

Once the wood has been sanded apply a coat of exterior varnish, polyurethane or paint that offers UV protection. Sometimes it simply isn’t an option to repair wooden shutter. If this is the case, then they will have to be replaced.

Repair Your Wooden Shutters in Arizona

While one of the joys of living in Arizona is the sunny weather the heat and UV rays from all that sun can damage the wood on the exterior of a home. Taking some precautions will help keep any wood looking great.

However, if damage does occur, you can contact us at Sun Devil Shutters for a free estimate for plantation or custom shutters that will restore the curb appeal of your home.