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Cellular Shades

Honeycomb / Cellular Shades

Cellular shades create a soft, inviting lighting effect in any room. These innovative shades consist of honeycomb-shaped fabric cells that diffuse and filter incoming light beautifully. The multi-layered construction also provides excellent insulation.

Cellular shades are available in light-filtering sheer fabrics, room-darkening opacities, and anywhere in between. Cordless lifting systems and top-down/bottom-up operation give you flexibility. With numerous material and style options, cellular shades complement both modern and traditional decors.

Light is dispersed through the layered, honeycomb-shaped fabric cells to create a soft glow.

The unique cellular structure is designed to gently filter and spread incoming light out to soften and diffuse it. This makes cellular shades ideal for illuminating a room while maintaining privacy.

Benefits of Cellular Shades

Fabric and Styles

Fabric Selection

Choose from dozens of fabrics in varying opacities and colors to control light how you desire. See-through sheers, blackouts and everything between.

Lift Styles

Select cordless lifting or continuous cord loop options for safe and easy raising and lowering of the shades.

Insulation Style

Opt for insulated or non-insulated cellular shades depending on your lighting and insulation needs.


Inside or outside mounts give optimal window coverage and light control from any angle.

Cellular Shades Gallery

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Cellular shades form small insulating air pockets within each cell. This creates an extra barrier against heat and cold transfer, helping reduce energy costs.

Cellular shades can be made from natural and synthetic fabrics like cotton, linen, polyester, vinyls, silk, and more. We offer many colors and opacities.

We offer cordless lifting or continuous cord loops to eliminate pull cord hazards associated with many window treatments. This ensures child and pet safety.

Absolutely. We take exact measurements and can customize cellular shades to fit any window size and shape for a perfect fit.

Cellular shades can be installed within window frames or openings for an inside mount. For an outside mount, they attach to exterior molding or walls around windows.

Most fabrics can be lightly vacuumed using a brush attachment. Spot treat stains gently with mild soap and water. Check fabric care instructions.

Yes, we offer motorization and automation features like remote controls or voice activation. This allows convenient control of cellular shades.

Our cellular shades come with a standard limited lifetime warranty. Contact us for complete warranty details.

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