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PolyHybrid Shutters

Custom PolyHybrid Shutters

PolyHybrid shutters offer the elegance of real wood combined with the strength and weather-resistance of synthetic materials. Made using a mix of wood fibers and polymer resins, PolyHybrid shutters have the rich, natural look of wood with none of the downsides.

The wood fibers provide texture and grain patterns that mimic real hardwoods. But the polymer resins make PolyHybrids moisture-proof, UV-resistant, and durable enough to last a lifetime without cracking, splitting, or warping. You get the beauty of real wood without the maintenance.

 PolyHybrid shutters have the rich, natural look of wood with none of the downsides.

These shutters also dampen outside noise far better than alternatives like blinds or shades. Our professional installation ensures your shutters fit flawlessly within each window frame to deliver their full functionality and visual impact.

Benefits of PolyHybrid Shutters

Customized Just for You

Shape and Size

Sun Devil Shutters will create PolyHybrid shutters tailored precisely to fit any window shape and size – whether traditional rectangle, circle, arched, or other unique shapes.

Louver Size

Choose the perfect louver size for your needs and preferences – 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″ or more. The louvers tilt to control light and privacy.


Select from a wide array of wood-mimicking colors to match your home’s style. PolyHybrids can also be painted for a custom look.


Consider upgrades like soft-close louvers, custom artwork or shapes cut into shutters, specialty hinges, and more.

PolyHybrid Shutters Gallery

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PolyHybrids combine wood fibers such as cellulose with tough polymer resins to create a durable composite that looks and feels like natural wood.

PolyHybrids provide the elegance, grain patterns, and workability of wood. But the polymer resins make them more durable, stable, and weather-resistant than natural wood.

PolyHybrids come in a wide selection of wood-toned colors and realistic grain finishes. Custom colors are also possible through painting.

Yes. Their composite materials are entirely waterproof, making them ideal for covered outdoor areas like patios and lanais. The polymer resins prevent moisture damage.

PolyHybrids are highly UV and color-stable. They are designed not to fade, yellow, or discolor when exposed to sunlight over many years.

Our PolyHybrids are warrantied to last a lifetime. Their tough composite materials resist cracking, splintering, and warping even under decades of use.

PolyHybrids can be cleaned easily with typical household cleaners and a soft cloth. No special maintenance is required.

PolyHybrids are competitively priced similar to real wood shutters, and are more affordable than other synthetics. Contact us for a free quote.

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